Dental Implant Patient Information Leaflet

In over thirty years Professor Stewart Harding has placed and restored many thousands of dental implants and has produced this guide to help explain the technology, its risks, and obvious benefits to those considering dental implants. It is intendedto help potential implant patients to better understand the treatment processes and their responsibilities to the ongoing health and maintenance of their implants. There is quite a lot of information to consider but it is important you fully appreciate the treatment process before proceeding and your ongoing commitment to take care of them.

Ideally, you should read this leaflet before your first consultation to help you prepare any questions, eventhough the sections may not be entirely relevant to your case.  This informationshould beconsidered together with your treatment plan and care  letter from your dentist which will focus on points important to your proposed implant treatment. Areas specific to your case will have been identified and discussed at your initial assessment appointment.

You are encouraged to ask any questionsand have the answers to your satisfaction before you proceed withany treatment. Having read and understood this information and discussed any queries you might have if you wish to proceed with the treatment proposed you are required to sign a consent form.

At your consultation appointment, your mouth will be assessed for the suitability of implant treatment so that a treatment plan can be devised to minimise risk and maximise success.